Monday, April 16, 2012

GOP lead Dems in generic congressional poll

GOP extending it's leads despite Obama's propaganda machines efforts. Ever wonder where CNN (Clinton News Network) is when the pro GOP news is put out.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Republicans, as they have for nearly three years now, continue to lead Democrats on the Generic Congressional Ballot, this time for the week ending Sunday, April 15.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 46% of Likely U.S. Voters would vote for the Republican in their district’s congressional race if the election were held today, while 36% would choose the Democrat instead.

Obama trails Romney in polls by Gallup.and Rasmussen

According to Gallup Obama now trails Romney in the latest poll.

April 16, 2012
Romney, Obama in Tight Race as Gallup Daily Tracking Begins
Romney voters slightly more certain they will vote

by Frank Newport

PRINCETON, NJ -- Mitt Romney is supported by 47% of national registered voters and Barack Obama by 45% in the inaugural Gallup Daily tracking results from April 11-15. Both Obama and Romney are supported by 90% of their respective partisans.

See Poll details:

Rasmussen gives Romney 3 point lead:
April 16
In a hypothetical Election 2012 matchup, presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney earns 47% of the vote, while President Obama attracts support from 44%. Matchup results are updated daily at 9:30 a.m.

Meantime CNN (Clinton News Network) releases a poll giving Obama a 9 point lead.  Does CNN make news or report it?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Majority of GOP favor Green Policy and Technology according to Gallup

Most Republicans favor Green Environmental policies and technology according to Gallup.
So why is the Green voice in the GOP so weak?
See Gallup pole.

Show your Green side by wearing something touting Green Republican from Cafe Press:

Green Republican Clothing at Cafe Press

You can now buy Green Republican items through Cafe Press, Yea!!
Show your support for your conservative side, while showing support for the environment..
If you're a delegate heading to the GOP convention in Tampa make a statement.
They have shirts, hats, mugs, bags, jewelry, and more.

Here is the Green Republican Gear link:

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Time to rally around Romney.

Romney for all intents and purposes is the Republican candidate.  It's time to embrace Romney and end the Obama Administration's choke hold on the US economy, and his efforts to create class envy .

For the good of America and our mutual future as citizens we must support Romney's election efforts.  Since 2007 Romney has not emphasized his environmental platform, but he does have one. I'm providing the link for you to review and decide for yourselves on the merits of his approach.  I found his positions logical, not perfect, but it is supportable.

Romney's environmental position links, please review both for the full picture:  and

Thousands of Dollars to students who know: Who is John Galt?"

Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged is a book all should be encouraged to read.  Ayn almost prophetically put into writing back in 1957 her concept of how our great nation might destroy itself.  If we look around today we will seen many similarities between the government in Ayn's novel to that of the current administration.
Please encourage those you may know of High School and college age to read her novels, and writing and compete for cash awards through submitting an essay.  Hopefully by doing so we can educate the next generation to understand the saying, "Who is John Galt?"
Essay information here

Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest Information

Eligibility: 12th Graders, College Undergraduates, and Graduate Students
Entry Deadline: September 17, 2012
FIRST PRIZE: $10,000
5 THIRD PRIZES: $1,000
25 FINALISTS: $100

Select ONE of the following three topics:

What do you think Eddie Willers’ role is in the story? How does he help convey the novel’s theme? Why do you think his fate is left open in the last chapter?

Why does John Galt go on strike when the Starnes heirs take over the Twentieth Century Motor Company? Do you think he is right or wrong to start a strike? Explain.

Choose the scene in Atlas Shrugged that is most meaningful to you. Analyze that scene in terms of the wider themes in the book.

Books can be purchased on Amazon in the link below:

Anthem Essay Contest Information

Eligibility: 8th, 9th and 10th Graders
Entry Deadline: March 20, 2012 (Read now and prepare for next years contest)

Select ONE of the following three topics:

Why did Ayn Rand name her main characters "Prometheus" and "Gaea"? Compare the historical myths of Prometheus and Gaea to the lives of these two characters.

What does Equality finally understand about his society when the Council threatens to destroy his invention?

In the final chapter of Anthem, Prometheus writes that he now understands "why the best in me had been my sins and my transgressions; and why I had never felt guilt in my sins." What has Prometheus come to understand about himself? Why does his society regard the "best in him" as sinful?

We the Living Essay Contest Information

Eligibility: 10th, 11th and 12th Graders
Entry Deadline: May 5, 2012

Select ONE of the following three topics:

How does the discovery by the secret police of one article of clothing in Leo Kovalensky’s room set the course for the resolution of the story and the fates of Leo, Andrei Taganov, and Kira Argounova?

We the Living shows that under Communism almost everyone in Russia becomes miserable, including poor people. Some would argue that Communism fails because human nature is not good enough to practice it. Based on the novel’s events and characters, do you think Ayn Rand would agree or disagree? Explain your answer.

Through the story of We the Living and the characters of Pavel Syerov, Andrei Taganov, Stepan Timoshenko and Victor Dunaev, what view emerges about the nature of collectivism?

The Fountainhead Essay Contest Information

Eligibility: 11th and 12th Graders
Entry Deadline: April 26, 2012
FIRST PRIZE: $10,000
10 THIRD PRIZES: $1,000
45 FINALISTS: $100

Select ONE of the following three topics:

Explain the similarities and differences between the characters of Dominique Francon, Steven Mallory and Gail Wynand. How does each’s view of life and its possibilities differ from Howard Roark’s? How does this issue relate to the theme of the novel?

Howard Roark discusses the motives, methods and functioning of both the altruist and the egoist. Do the lives of Peter Keating, Ellsworth Toohey and Catherine Halsey illustrate his thesis about altruists? Does his own life illustrate his thesis about egoists? Explain your answer.

In conversation with Nathaniel Janss, Howard Roark observes that reason is something that "no one really wants to have on his side." Do the events of The Fountainhead show that Roark wants reason on his side while other characters do not? How does this issue relate to the theme of the novel?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Romney's VP Short List

Romney is the apparent Republican Presidential nominee, so it's time we get to understand him, his beliefs, and his character better. I've compiled a list of books below to assist in this endeavor. What about the VP candidate? It'll be a while until this person is disclosed but let's look at the front runners:

Books about Romney:

Below are books on the VP short list candidates:

From Fox News VP List:

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan appears to be in the top mix of any list, to be sure. The Wisconsin congressman campaigned in his home state with Romney for five days around the Tuesday primary, helping the former Massachusetts governor win convincingly in a three-state sweep.

Read more:

Several other contenders meanwhile claim to be taking themselves out of the running, including Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. That doesn't mean they wouldn't change their minds if asked, but the volume of political figures shunning the VP spotlight suggests Romney's choices might be limited.

Ryan, while not a lock, is seen as a natural complement in a GOP ticket that has Romney as the Harvard-educated financier at top and Ryan, who rose from working-class roots to chairman of the House Budget Committee, as a running mate. Ryan's deficit-slashing budget proposals have helped make him a rising GOP star.

“Paul Ryan is a very interesting vice presidential candidate,” said Republican strategist Taylor Griffin, partner of Washington-based Hamilton Place Strategies. “The assumption, which is the correct assumption, is that Ryan would bring serious leadership. And whatever you say about Paul Ryan, he’s a serious guy.”

Though the Romney campaign has downplayed talk of a Romney-Ryan team, Hamilton points out that President Obama appears to recognize Ryan’s power and influence, consider much of his roughly 37-minute speech Monday was a withering attack on Ryan’s budget proposal.

Like other GOP strategists, Hamilton, who most recently worked on Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, thinks Rubio would be a good running mate too, despite Rubio suggesting he is not interested.

Beyond helping secure the Hispanic vote, Rubio as the son of Cuban immigrants presents the America Dream and will appeal to conservatives, Hamilton said.

“He made success out of very meager beginnings,” he said Thursday. “And you satisfy the base with the vice president, which frees you to appeal to the middle.”

GOP strategist Elliott Curson agrees that Rubio will appeal to the GOP base but suspects Romney is feeling pressure to pick GOP challenger Rick Santorum, who has strong support among Tea Party members and voters in the Deep South.

“Voters might come out for Rubio. They will come out for Rick,” said Curson, a media consultant on Ronald Reagan's 1980 presidential campaign.

Among the other names mentioned are New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie -- powerful, but perhaps too powerful for vice president, Curson said. Christie, discussing the VP speculation, has suggested he wouldn't be too comfortable as someone's No. 2.

Another name that has recently surfaced is first-term Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican from the swing state of Ohio.

Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, said Thursday that voters should not automatically assume Romney will pick a vice presidential candidate from a swing state rich in electoral votes.
In fact, a vice president has never come out of Florida, and the last one from Ohio was in 1944, Sabato said.
“It’s amazing how many of these presidential candidates bypass these mega-swing states,” he added.

As for a female candidate, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has said she would decline a Romney offer, and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez has said she is not interested.

Other names include Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, South Dakota Sen. John Thune and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

Though most suspected to be on the short-list have demurred, Curson and Hamilton said that’s just part of the strategy because announcing too early kicks in opposition research -- and perhaps more importantly campaigns need to create buzz with a surprise pick.
“Keep them guessing until the end,” Curson said.

Read more:

Books about the VP Short List candidates.