Sunday, September 9, 2012

Holiday Gift it Green Ideas (Reader Provided)

For your upcoming holiday/recycling stories, please consider Kim Blanding, founder of Gift it Green, and her tips on how to have a greener holiday season.


During the holidays, Americans throw away 25% more trash than any other time of the year. This holiday season, start a waste-free family tradition with Gift it Green (gig) reusable cotton gift boxes. Gigs add the unique touch to any present and replace the need for cards, paper wrap, tissue, and paper gift bags. No other reusable wrap captures the fun experience of unwrapping a gift with its eco-friendly crinkly tissue paper, ribbon and multiple layers. Gigs are designed to be re-gifted, so write your name on the tag inside and "gift it forward" or keep it (perfect for holding jewelry or holiday keepsakes). Gift it Green – a fun, eco-friendly family tradition.

Kim Blanding, founder of Gift it Green, provides helpful tips on how to have a happy and eco-friendly holiday season with gig gift boxes.

o Use reusable shopping bags. This will reduce the number of plastic bags that get trashed and minimize the amount of petroleum used to make them. If you receive plastic bags, remember to recycle the clean ones at your local grocery store

o Send your holiday greetings in electronic form. E-cards can be enhanced with sound and animation and they create no physical waste.

o Gift wrap your presents this year with Gift it Green! Most of holiday waste comes from gift-wrapping paper. Narrow down that waste by using Gift it Green eco-friendly gift boxes to ship or give your gifts. The gift receiver will be receiving a gift within a gift while preserving the environment.

o If you send holiday cards, buy recycled-content cards and envelopes. Or make your own cards or gift tags out of last year's cards and the wrapping paper you saved.

o Remove your name from the mailing list of any catalog you no longer wish to receive. Eliminate unwanted credit offers by calling 1-888-5OptOut (1-888-567-8688) or visiting

o Rechargeable batteries and a battery charger are a great way to cut down on the consumption of batteries. Include these with any electronic gifts!

o Recycle your tree and wreath.

More about Gift it Green: Gift it GreenTM (gig) eco-chic fabric gift boxes are for those looking for an environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable paper wrap, gift bags, and gift boxes but still want all of the fun. Developed by a Chicago mom of three boys, Gift it Green offers kids and adults a fun and easy way to help save the environment by gifting forward. Gift it Green is a Green America Silver Certified Business and proudly support Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.

Gift It Green (gig) boxes are designed to be gifted forward and are available in several modern designs and sizes. Gigs cost between $14 - $18 and can be purchased at retailers and


Hank hendricks said...

Stunning ideas...I would like to use it for Gift Card envelopes if i need it.

Waseem said...

Like the idea..I would like to remember it that might helps me when using Gift Card envelopes..thanks you share it.