Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lifewave Nano Technology for the body

My wife just recieved her first Energy Enhancer Patches and will begin wearing tomorow. I will update her progress in the future. See below for more information on this product or go to to order products and get additional information.

What is Nanotechnology?It's described as "manufactured products that are made from atoms." Scientists now have the technology to work with nano-sized objects. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter, and a human hair is 75,000 nanometers across. Nanotechnology works in the range below 100 nanometers.About the LifeWave PatchesThe LifeWave Patches are a blend of water, oxygen, amino acids, sugars and organics all applied to a polyester fabric and sealed within a polymer shell. The 3M medical grade adhesive for the patches is hypoallergenic, so skin irritations are unlikely. All products are produced to the highest quality standards, and are tested in rigorous clinical studies.The active materials are processed and applied to a substrate so as to form a nano-scale organic molecular antenna which works with the electronic and magnetic features of the human body like a cellular radio to transmit information from the patches into the body resulting in specific actions in the cells. These nano-sized organic antennas, when properly constructed, are capable of passively modulating the human magnetic field for the purpose of transmitting information to the human body.Low frequency electronic signals can initiate cell to cell communication and the cells respond in the SAME way to specific signals as they do to chemicals, except that these signals are all natural compared to artificial chemicals (drugs), and so there are never adverse reactions or side-affects.The LifeWave patches communicate directly with the cells, and if you've been following the latest breakthroughs in biology and nutrition, you already know that cellular communication is absolutely vital when it comes to keeping the cells and body healthy. According to the ground-breaking work done by cellular biologist Dr. Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D., cellular communication happens via the receptors of the cell membrane, so proper cellular communication can only happen when the cell membranes are healthy and working properly. The body's overall state of health is a perfect reflection of how healthy the individual cells are because the body is made of those cells. And how do cells communicate and transmit information with each other? Through energy of course. Oscillating vibrational energy frequencies. The energy meridians of the body are like tiny streams or rivulets of highly polarized water, which are now believed to be long strings of liquid crystals that react to light and transmit bioelectric signals along their pathways.

The Science Behind LifeWaveAll LifeWave patch products are manufactured at FDA registered facilities, and all products are registered with the FDA as Class I medical devices. LifeWave technology is based on solid science and years of research from many fields. It is known that: A pulsating magnetic field exists directly above the surface of the human body (detectable by SQUID magnetometers). (Dr. John Zimmerman, University of Colarado, 1980) The human body is divided into zones of electrically positive and electrically negative regions that are detectable with sub-dermal electrodes. (Albert R. Davis Research Lab, 1974) There is an electrical response within the human body when using the LifeWave patches; detectable with Spectravision or RJL bioelectrical impedance analysis. Signal induction is the process by which information is communicated to the DNA of the cell for initiating various cellular responses. NASA was the first to recognize the importance of the molecular antenna concept for conversion of microwaves to electricity, and LifeWave was the first to manufacture a molecular antenna from strictly organic materials that are able to influence the biological functions of the human body. When placing a LifeWave patch above the body there is an immediate heating, cooling and electrical effect that may be measured by a variety of diagnostic techniques. Independent physical and chemical analysis by MVA showed that the LifeWave patches were non-transdermal; nothing in the patches enters the human body. Utilizing Capnometer technology during double blind placebo controlled studies of the LifeWave Energy Enhancer patch show that most LifeWave users experience increases in fat burning on average of over 20%, and that this results in significant improvements in energy and stamina. Double blind placebo controlled studies of LifeWave utilizing medical infrared imaging show rapid heating and cooling effects within minutes of applying LifeWave patches to the skin. Surface Electromyography studies show that there is an immediate electrical response within the human body when using the LifeWave patches. Multiple Heart Rate Variability studies show the safety and effectiveness of LifeWave.How LifeWave Patches WorksThe pulsating magnetic field above the human body passes through the patches, and the patches have been constructed so as to "Frequency Modulate" (FM) the human magnetic field much in the same way that we transmit information over high frequency radio waves. This FM wave is now "transmitted" back to the body by resonant energy transfer (similar to having two people hold a rope with one person creating a wave motion; the wave will travel to the other person). Once the FM signal reaches the user, the signal comes in contact with the cells in our bodies; this is known as signal induction, and is the process by which various cellular responses occur.The LifeWave concept is based on the principle that the atom proton energy associated with human thermomagnetic fields are capable of interacting with passive orthomolecular organic materials so long as these materials are arranged parallel to the plane of rotation, with this arrangement inducing electron flow due to well known and long established electromotive principles. It is well known in conventional industrial electrical generators and alternators that electricity is produced as a result of the relative rotation of magnetic fields in the presence of a conductor such as copper wire. In the LifeWave technology and device, the human body provides both the oscillating thermomagnetic field as well as the conductive media (electrolytes), with the LifeWave device passively interacting with this thermomagnetic field so as to induce electron flow in the conductive media through field shaping and resonance feedback effects.

LifeWave Energy Enhancer PatchesSoftware for the human body. Increases stamina, enhances energy, improves strength, burns fat, and improves energy flow throughout the body without chemicals or other invasive substances. Up to 40% more instant energy, strength, stamina, and fat burning than normal. Many professional atheletes, sports teams, and olympians are now using the Energy Patches. If you buy a coffee on a daily basis, you could be using the LifeWave Energy Enahancer Patch instead for less money per day, and there are no jitters or highs and lows like you would get from stimulants. This is a completely natural, smooth, steady, and constant upliftment of energy. If you're tired of depending on drugs, stimulants, and coffee to get through your day, this is for you. If you're tired of being tired, this is for you. While wearing the patches you will probably feel nothing. What you should notice is very constant and stable levels of energy during your daily activities, or if you are performing an athletic activity you should be able to measure improvements in performance.EnergyThe Energy Enhancer Patches are "encoded" with the signal "transport fat to the mitochondria and make ATP". Because there is over twice as much ATP (cellular energy) derived from fat as compared with carbohydrates, using fat as an energy source is far more efficient and beneficial. Energy production is enhanced, but this is more than just supplying the body with energy. As a consequence of accelerated fat burning more cellular energy becomes readily available to support ALL bodily energy consuming functions. Think about what this means for a moment. Is the body not a self-healing mechanism when given all the proper materials and supplies (energy, nutrients)? Have you fully grasped the larger picture here? I'm certainly not implying that these products heal anything, because that would be illegal. But what I am saying is that the body heals ITSELF when the cellular environment is optimal.StaminaUsers of the LifeWave device and technology have experienced immediate and demonstrable increases in physical stamina within minutes after wearing the LifeWave device. Actual results obtained from users have been as low as 8% improvements to as high as 400% improvements. The passive thermomagnetic frequency modulation of the LifeWave technology creates a condition in which the transport of long chain fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane for subsequent beta-oxidation and energy production is triggered or improved, thereby providing the user with increased energy and stamina.StrengthUsers of the LifeWave Energy Enhancer have experienced immediate and demonstrable increases in physical strength within minutes after wearing the patches. This is not a chemically induced increase in strength such as would be the case with anabolic steroids, etc. but rather a phenomena in which existing muscle mass is utilized more efficiently due to the increase in electron flow. To understand how this phenomena could be possible, if we examine the striated skeletal muscle system we know that this voluntary group nerve supply is under conscious control because these nerves are branches of the peripheral cerebrospinal nervous system (the brain and spinal cord as the cerebrospinal axis). The muscle fibers themselves are tissues composed of contractile cells that effect movement based on the excitatory process set up in nerve fibers by stimuli (the nerve impulse). It is presently believed by medical research that the nerve impulse is probably in the nature of a wave of electrochemical disturbances. The efficiency with which large muscle groups are contracted can be defined as the number of muscle fibers utilized in a contraction divided by the number of fibers present in that muscle group. It is presently believed that most humans only contract a small percentage of muscle fibers in a given group for a given nerve impulse (low efficiency of muscle mass usage as a function of number of muscle fibers contracted divided by number of muscle fibers present; not all motor units respond to a given stimulus).If now we were to induce a condition in which the total power available for nerve impulses could be increased so that more muscle fibers could contract for a given muscle group, the net efficiency of the striated fibers would increase (more muscle fibers in a group being contracted in a contraction phase; more motor units responding to a stimulus), and hence usable physical strength could be improved. It is believed by LifeWave that this is one possible explanation for the phenomena associated with users of the Energy Patches, namely immediate and demonstrable increases in strength and stamina within minutes of wearing them.DirectionsThe Energy Patches may be applied every other day for up to 12 hours at a time. One set of patches consists of one white patch and one tan patch. Apply the patches to clean dry skin. Apply the WHITE ON RIGHT, and TAN ON LEFT. Do not reuse patches once removed from skin. Do not use more than one set of patches on the body at the same time.Helping Others is Helping YourselfA lot of people use the Energy Patches for the sake of building muscle, but if you really think about it, there are far more constructive things a person could be doing with all of that extra energy and health.

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