Sunday, December 16, 2007

Energy Patches

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These products are great, affordable and used by many note worthy pro and amature atheletes to include the US Olympic Swim Team and Shaq.

Breakthroughs in Health and Lifestyle
LifeWave was founded on the principle of breakthrough personal-improvement technology that helps people all over the world to feel great and live well. Our products create a world-class financial opportunity for anyone who wants to share in our mission. We believe strongly in our values of the highest integrity, superior quality, and service to others. Our company follows the age-old philosophy of The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Our Products
Imagine being able to tell your body to “burn more fat” or “reduce that pain” or “improve my appearance”. This is what LifeWave's breakthrough technology does. The future is here today with LifeWave.
These unique nanotechnology products are available exclusively from LifeWave in the form of adhesive patches that produce near miraculous results without the introduction of chemicals, herbs, or physical devices into the body. LifeWave is safe and natural and uses novel heating and cooling effects to improve on the body's own systems to accomplish these amazing results.
The Future is Limitless
This breakthrough technology holds the promise of a host of other products which will address and solve additional human problems. With this unique technology in the hands of our scientists, there's no limit to what the future may hold!
A Dedication to Excellence
All products are produced to the highest quality standards, and are tested in rigorous clinical studies.
Our Energy Enhancer Patches, Ice Wave Patches, Rest Quiet Patches and now Skin Care are being used all over the world, and our customers keep coming back because they experience the significant improvements our Patches make in their everyday lives.
The LifeWave Opportunity: Earn While You Help Others
Imagine if you had been at the forefront of the software business when it was launched. Imagine the accomplishments and the rewards you might have earned. Well, that opportunity is here again with LifeWave. Our technology is the front line of a bio-technology wave that's only just begun, and you can share in the rewards of building it.

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