Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Walking in America (Excercise)

Over 65 million walkers have made walking America's favorite exercise. The key to effective aerobic exercise is maintaining an elevated heart rate for a certain amount of time, at least 20 minutes, on a daily basis. So when were talking about walking for fitness, we're not talking about strolling through the mall, pausing to window shop, stopping for a latte. We mean walking with a purpose, at a pace fast enough that you're a bit challenged for at least 20 minutes. Walking briskly can definitely get your heart rate up, as long as you put a bit of "oomph" into it. In fact, it can do so without some of the side effects and effort of more strenuous workouts. Easier on the joints than running or jogging.
Remember, no special equipment or clothing needed. No special training needed. Walking for fitness can be done nearly anywhere, anytime!
Some creative ways to accomplish 10,000 steps a day? At work take a 30-minute walk with a co-worker during your lunch hour. Having a buddy will help keep you motivated! At work, when your shopping or even going to the zoo park further away from the door. Don’t take that juicy parking spot that’s closest! By parking farther away you can get in a few extra steps to and from your car. Working around the house can also be a great form of physical activity that includes a lot of walking. All that sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, raking leaves, etc… equals steps taken! So buy a cheap pedometer to count your steps, and get walking!

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