Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Election 2012, I'll vote Nobama

It’s been a long while since my last blog.  To be honest I’ve been a bit discouraged with the whole political system and the party lines drawn in the sand over every issue.   I’m a capitalist, I believe in a strong defense, the right to bear arms, I’m socially conservative, I’m pro environment, and pro energy independence, and against the Obama Health care plan.   Why is it only the Leftist Socialists candidates can claim to be pro environment in the US? Why can’t a conservative be concerned about our environment? Some stands by environmentalists are silly, such as the recent pipeline Obama blocked from being built.  Seriously?  We already have pipelines crisscrossing the areas of concern.  It may take us 50 years to wean ourselves completely off oil. Do we want to use tankers to bring the oil to us? Increasing the risk of an oil spill at sea? Do we want to continue to fund nations supporting terrorism with oil dollars? We need to use the oil from our continent if we can, until we can convert to cleaner more sustainable sources.
I’m a Republican but I have no excitement over any of the candidates.  I probably agree with Gingrich on most issues. Gingrich does have a pro environment stand, but if you believe the pundits his baggage will almost guaranty an Obama victory, and who wants that? The Republican candidate will most likely be Romney. Who leans or has leaned left on many issues except the environment.  His disdain for wind and solar technology, and his Romney care plan in Mass are just a couple of the turnoffs I have regarding him.  Somehow we the people with common sense must bring an environmental awareness to the Republican Party.  How many millions of votes will the Left win because of close minded beliefs by the right on the environment.  This is a topic that could and should expand the base if both sides of the coin were allowed to be relevant in discussion.

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