Friday, March 30, 2012

Obama using his Judicial appointments to change America.

Obama is using the court to push his agenda when Dems cannot win the vote, A federal judge has invalidated parts of Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker's law that restricts collective-bargaining rights of most public unions..

District Judge William M. Conley ruled that the state could not require a recertification vote every year for some public-employee unions, and could not ban unions from collecting dues. Conley was nominated by Obama and confirmed in 2010.

In 2001, State Senator Obama gave an interview with Chicago Public Radio where he stated that the supreme court could be used as a mechanism to redistribute wealth in the country and that a failure to do this was one of the tragedies of the civil rights movement. He stated that the court was not structured to bring about redistributive wealth, and may not be the best mechanism to achieve that goal.

During the 2008 campaign, Senator Obama was asked about the type of person he would appoint as a supreme court justice. Senator Obama stated that there were two criteria: intellectual qualifications and the academic credentials to perform, and an empathy for the people involved. He stated that he wanted his appointments to protect people who had no money or political power and not be too involved in abstractions. Senator Obama was also critical of the recent history of only choosing people for the bench that came out of academia.

Senator Obama also stated during the campaign that while he did not view it as a litmus test, he would not appoint a judge that did not believe in the validity of Roe vs Wade. He stated that the right of women to choose was at stake in the election with the likely retirements of two liberal justices in the next four years.

In appointing Justice Sotomayor, President Obama remarked that she had a terrific life story and a great deal of empathy for her fellow man. He also reinforced previous statements that he viewed gender and race as important factors in deciding a judicial appointment.

Despite previous statements that he disagreed with the reliance on academia for judicial appointments, President Obama selected a second Justice in Elena Kagan who had spent her entire life in academia with a brief service as Solicitor General.

President Obama's statements and actions suggest that he views the life story, gender, race and political views of the person being appointed as important factors in selecting a judge.

Obama is determined to leave a legacy of Judges that desire to push a social agenda, and not support the law of the land.  We cannot offord four more years of Obama's Judicial appointments.
Vote Nobama in 2012!

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